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Casa Familia Challenge Match Reached!

Thank you to all our donors whose generous year-end contributions to Casa Familia enabled us to reach our $50,000 goal and secure an additional $50,000 in matching funds for the program! Casa Familia is our women and families' urgent transition center that provides immediate shelter, food, and case management for homeless women and families. The facility can house over 30 people, and provides a bright and warm atmosphere for single women and families desiring to regain a hold over their lives. In the last 3 years Casa Familia has assisted an average of 330 people a year, and 67% on average were placed into housing. By adhering to policies and procedures and through dedication and hard work our staff ensures that guests are able to live and grow in an environment that promotes peace, hard work, and goal accomplishment. Walking into Casa Familia one will immediately feel the warm, supportive environment that has been established.

Thank you for your support and commitment to support our mission to end the cylce of homelessness, we can not do it without you! We at St. E's are grateful to the kindness of the matching donor and all that responded to the challenge. Wishing you and yours peace and prosperity this coming new year!

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