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Executive Director | Edward Archuleta

Edward oversees all aspects of St. Elizabeth’s multifaceted operations.  A Santa Fe native, Edward has served in various capacities with St. E’s over the years – as a volunteer, board member, intern, case manager and now Executive Director.  Prior to working with St. E’s, Edward served as Project Manager with 1000 Friends of New Mexico,  assistant to New Mexico Secretary of State Stephanie Gonzales, as a Realtor and with various government agencies.  He has also served on numerous civic and non-profit boards.   

Director  of Operations | Mara Melton

Business Manager | Michael Bartlett
A fifth-generation Californian, Michael moved to Santa Fe in 1999. With over 20 years of business experience, Michael brings his own particular style of business management to both non- and for-profit consulting clients. He has appreciated the opportunity to work with the employees and clients of St E’s since he started in November 2005.


Accountant | Katie Rodriguez

Director of Development | Jim Podesta
Jim has more than 25 years experience in fundraising and communications working with a variety of non-profit organizations in Chicago and Santa Fe. During his career he has worked on five capital campaigns, directed numerous annual-fund efforts, personally solicited and stewarded major gifts from individual donors, foundations, corporations and organizations, as well as created targeted promotional and educational materials in various media.

Data & Development Manager | Tang Dao

Special Events and Community Outreach | Calvin Fields

SOAR Coordinator | Stephanie Lefebvre

Supportive Housing Case Manager | Jennifer Buffaloe

Therapist | Maria Vargas, MA, LMHC


Riyah Garcia
Nick Svetnicka
Raul Aboytes
Donovan Baca
Mireya Bouquin
Carrie Rodriguez
Jeremy Ladner
Ozell Brown
Woodson Parker


Program Manager

Case Manager

Shift Supervisor

Shift Supervisor

Shift Supervisor

Shift Supervisor


Overnight Supervisor

Overnight Supervisor


Cara Latil
Samantha Vigil
Renee Creagh
Raimy Engel
Veronica Esparza
Sarah Gano
Esperanza Montoya
Heaven Tapia
Josefina Samaniego-Grado


Program Manager
Case Manager
Shift Supervisor
Shift Supervisor
Shift Supervisor
Shift Supervisor
Shift Supervisor
Shift Supervisor
Overnight Supervisor



Mara Melton
Shelleta Harris
Jerome Block
Jeff Medina
Elena Salinas


Program Manager
Case Manager             
Peer Support Specialist
Maintenance Supervisor



Neal Windham


Neal directs operations of the supportive transitional family housing program and he has run the program since its inception over 10 years ago. Before joining St. Elizabeth, Neal worked as a youth specialist at a youth emergency shelter and teen transitional living center in Phoenix, Arizona.

Program Manager


Kyra Thomson
Ericka Kidd

Shannon Milligan
Tamlin Horne


Program/Case Manager
Program/Case Manager

Supportive Housing Navigator
Clinical Social Worker


St. Elizabeth Sheltersnd Supportive Housing
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