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Unhoused Art

Art created by the unhoused is sold locally in artist markets, galleries and museums with all proceeds going to the artist and shelter.  A vital component of every class is arts healing with the goal to create a sense of purpose, income and self-pride to participants.

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Mission Statement

Unhoused Art


Unhoused Art is a self-sustaining program that uses the power of arts healing to uplift and transform lives. We provide a sense of purpose, income, and self-pride to participants, while also generating a source of donations to the shelter. Our program offers a unique opportunity for the public to connect with the unhoused in a meaningful way, break stereotypes, and create a greater sense of connection to the community.

Our Approach

We partner with local art therapists, potters, painters, poets, and more to lead revitalizing classes. A primary goal of each class is for all participants to create a unique piece of art. Every class member has the option to offer their work for sale and appreciation. Art is sold locally in galleries, artist markets, and museums. Artists have the option to include a photo of themselves and/or any personal stories, artistic inspiration, or additional information about the art for sale.

Our Impact

Unhoused Art supporters provide a home for the art and a means of income to the unhoused artist. Every artist receives 90% of the proceeds from the sale of their art, and the remaining 10% funds the project with art supplies, teacher fees, and support to the shelter where the art was created. With each purchase, buyers have the option to donate towards funding future classes and the shelter, with more proceeds from that sale then going to the artist.

How You Can Help

There are many ways you can help Unhoused Art. Here are a few ideas:

  • Subscribe to our emails to stay up-to-date on our events, classes, and art sales.

  • Purchase art at local events. When you purchase art, you are supporting the artists, shelter and helping to fund our program.

  • Volunteer your time to help with our classes, events, or fundraising efforts. Your help is greatly appreciated!

Thank you for your support!


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