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8 Apartments for Families with Children


Sonrisa provides income based affordable housing, case management, life skills training, parenting classes, financial counseling and recreational activities.




Sonrisa Supportive Family Living Program has eight apartments for homeless families with children. Below-market rents are based on income, and families can stay in the two or three bedroom apartments for up to two years while they save funds to move into permanent housing of their own. Children are the fastest growing homeless demographic nationwide, and studies have demonstrated the detrimental effects homelessness has on a child’s development.


At Sonrisa, a program manager works directly with families and their children to address behavioral, educational, medical and other issues that may be impairing their progress toward self-improvement and reliance. Financial counseling, life-skills training, parenting skills, weekly group discussions, recreational activities and close cooperation with public school counselors are required for all residents.

6321 Jaguar Dr, Santa Fe, NM 87507

Phone: 505.424.6973 | Fax:505.424.4248

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