St. E's Farewell to Jake Fulmer

St E's is saying a bittersweet goodbye to our well loved staff member Jake Fulmer, as his last days of working here were at the end of February. Although we are all happy for Jake who returned to his beloved hometown of Chattanooga, Tennessee to be with his family, we also miss his endless generosity, kindness, and work ethic. He was in integral part of the St. E’s family for five years.

Jake started here as an intern in 2013 and afterwards stayed on as staff member. He touched the homeless community in a huge way. It’s impossible to mention everything that he contributed, but we’ll note a few of his gifts to provide a picture of just how grateful we are.

Holidays, from Thanksgiving to the Super Bowl, were always important family events to Jake, and he brought that spirit to the shelter. He made every holiday special for the men here by cooking hearty meals, playing music on the guitar and banjo, and (maybe most importantly) just by having such a big heart. His music touched the community in many other ways as well. He regularly performed at special events for the homeless community such as the annual Homelessness Memorial. He was very dedicated to his work. Taking on the position of coordinating St. E’s regu