St. E’s Employee Honored as State’s Best

Edward Archuleta counseling a client at the Men’s Emergency Shelter.

“He’s a miracle worker.” So says Paige Kitson, street outreach program director for Youth Shelters & Family Services, when asked why she nominated Edward Archuleta for New Mexico 2017 Case Manager of the Year. “He is warm and welcoming to clients, down to earth, easy to build rapport with, extremely helpful, incredibly organized and knows every resource in Northern New Mexico. He handles crisis situations with grace, is always fair in his decisions and is such an asset to our community and its homeless members.”


Edward, case manager at St. Elizabeth’s Men’s Emergency Shelter, received the award from the New Mexico Coalition to End Homelessness this October. Self-effacing as always, “it’s quite an honor” is all he would say about it.

Others are not so reticent. “We recognized him for his many years of service, calm demeanor, expertise connecting people to the services they need and great patience working with a wide variety of people with a wide range of problems,” says Hank Hughes, executive director of the coalition. “It’s not an easy job.”