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Photos of our Shelter Cat's Recovery

Hello friends of Mr. Whiskers,

Thanks again to everyone who came together to help out our shelter's cat. He had to have surgery done to remove his leg in December, and so many people came together to accompany him on visits to the vet, cover the costs of the surgery, and ease him into recovery.

After serving the shelter as a constant companion to our many guests, interns, and staff over nine years, he's now moved into a home. He's living with St. Elizabeth staff member, Dallas, who says, "Whiskers is doing absolutely wonderful! He's having a difficult time getting around though - learning that he only has one leg. He can't go far, but he's up for using the litter box and eating like crazy. He's gained two pounds!"

Below are some photos of Mr. Whiskers in recovery with a few comments from Dallas:

"He's definitely one tough little guy!"

"He really fell in love with my wife...She keeps him going..."

"This is Whiskers now! Sleeping in a warm bed..."

Thanks again from everyone here at St. E's!

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