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Cleaning Up the Santa Fe River

We held our most recent river cleanup this past Saturday, Feb. 10. It was a city-wide event, hosted by the Santa Fe Watershed Association, that lasted from 10 AM until noon. There were festivities and refreshments provided by the SFWA at Frenchy's Field beforehand.

After that, our crew went to our site at Our Lady of Guadelupe Church - we sponsor the little stretch of river there. It only took us about an hour to clean the whole section thoroughly, and so as always, we had plenty of time to get to know the members of our community better.

We had really great snacks and hot beverages, juice, etc. Ask anyone, the snacks were (and always are) awesome! It was actually more like a party with a little cleaning. We had some folks there all morning and others who just passed through for a hot beverage.

St. E's has been a part of river cleanup for a while now - just trying to do our part beautifying the city. Come join us next time if you're free.

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