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Mr. Whisker's Surgery Today

Mr. Whiskers at the Veterinarian's Office


Thank you all so much for helping us out with Mr. Whiskers.

Mr. Whiskers’ back right leg was very badly broken and I’m sad to say, it will need to be amputated. This was very surprising to me, because, although he was limping, he was carrying on as if nothing was the matter. That’s just the kind of cat he is. And I’m pretty sure he’ll carry on in the same way after the surgery, though it will take some recovery time and some getting used to.

In general, cats do very well on three legs. But it’s hard to be an outdoor cat with just three legs. So, unfortunately, he will no longer be staying with us at the shelter. But the great news is that Dallas Damron has adopted Mr. Whiskers! Most of you probably know Dallas. He is a St. E’s employee, volunteer, friend, and extreme animal lover. Whiskers has already been staying with Dallas over the holidays and has fit right in with the other animals. He seems to be enjoying the warmth and comfort of the home and Dallas’ animal-loving family.

We will miss him so much here! But we have peace of mind now that he has such a warm and loving home. Early Retirement!

This GoFundMe campaign has really been a blessing. Now we will be able to just about cover the vet costs, x-rays, surgery, and pain medications. I would also like to thank Dr. Smith at Smith Veterinary Clinic for being so kind and compassionate. She even helped us locate a little extra funding through the clinic. Everybody at the clinic was so loving and attentive to Mr. Whiskers, even though it was Christmas Eve and they were all super-busy!

Once again, thank you all so much for helping us. I couldn’t believe it on Christmas Eve watching the number go up so quickly! He is one famous cat! And rightly so, because he has helped so many people.

We can’t thank you enough for your support. Peace to all of you in the New Year.

- Jake Fulmer

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