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GoFundMe: Shelter's Cat Mr. Whiskers is in Need

To our neighbors, staff, volunteers and guests:

Our Men's Emergency Shelter's beloved cat, Mr. Whiskers, broke his leg this week and will need surgery. He's lived here for nearly ten years, providing comfort and care to our guests, staff, and volunteers.

There's no way to fully express everything Whiskers gives to us here at St. E's. He's a cat that accompanies so many people in their lives. Ever since our Case Manager, Edward Archuleta, and Paige Kitson of Youth Outreach found him on the street and brought him to the shelter, he's been family.

On any given evening, he'll be found mingling with the guys on the patio, hopping on a lap for warmth, seeking out a hand for petting, or asking for dinner with a meow and a nuzzle. One of our recent guests just told me that "Whiskers is the therapy cat for this place. Everybody loves him." A few days ago, when we found him with a broken leg, there was an incredible upsurge of concern among the men staying here.

We're not ready to let him go. He's as friendly and energetic as ever, but he'll need surgery to live. It will cost $3,000, and as you all know, the funds of our shelter are limited. If you're able, please consider giving the gift of good health back to Mr. Whiskers. Any amount helps.

Visit our GoFundMe Page HERE to Give.

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