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Tang Dao: An Intern's Experience in Creativity and Service

Tang Dao, one of St. Elizabeth’s interns, sits on the floor in one of the family bedrooms at Casa Familia, carefully touching up a mural he’s been working on for weeks. “I had a chat with the people who're staying in this room,” he says. “They love the mural and asked me to paint something special as part of it for their daughter. It's great to see their smiles, and it’s great to see that art provides a new opportunity to touch their lives.”

Being an intern at St. Elizabeth Shelter is a way to touch lives in so many ways. It involves direct service to our neighbors in Santa Fe, creativity in how we serve, and connecting with what is meaningful for each of us.

Most days, Tang works at the men’s emergency shelter, where he brings his unique talents as a painter and graphic designer together with his capacity for selfless service. He’s made posters for the shelter’s nightly groups, which include poetry, meditation, AA, and the computer class that he also teaches. In his role as a shift supervisor, Tang provides services and resources to our many guests staying at the shelter as well as our clients on the street.

Reflecting on his work with the many men who have come through our shelter, he says, “it’s satisfying for me to know that every little thing we do here will help someone in one way or another. I enjoy helping people, and it’s great when old guests come back to visit. It’s great to see that they're doing well.”

St. Elizabeth Shelter is dedicated to supporting its guests in changing their lives for the better, and this is what initially inspired Tang to apply for the internship. He resonated with St. Elizabeth’s goal to end homelessness by establishing stable living situations for everyone. The shelter’s encouragement of Tang’s artistic interests along with his desire to serve has made his internship a real learning experience, an opportunity for growth alongside our guests.

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