Service at St. Elizabeth Shelter: Gratitude and Opportunities

Shift Supervisor, Jake Fulmer (second from right) with volunteers from Colorado College in our dining room.

For more than fifteen years, incoming freshmen at Colorado College have made an annual five-day trip to Santa Fe to serve at St. Elizabeth Shelter. On Thursday and Friday of this past week, the group of eight students stained our patio fence, pulled weeds, mulched our gardens, prepared lunch, and much, much more. They are one of many groups, whose service helps us maintain a warm and welcoming atmosphere for our shelter’s guests.

Kat, a Colorado College senior who accompanied the freshmen, said that the service trip to Santa Fe is a microcosm of the school’s philosophy. The college encourages its students to become more aware of social issues and cultivate a motivation to volunteer. Students also learn that those in service work best when they practice self-care; and accordingly, the group set aside some time to enjoy the culture of Santa Fe, visiting the local farmer’s market and Meow Wolf.