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"I wanted to do something to help my friend and other kids"

A little girl named Neve wrote this inspiring letter after dropping off donations to our Casa Familia facility with her mom:

"A few weeks ago, me and my mom took some clothes to donate to a local shelter. When we walked in, I saw one of my friends there. When my friend saw me, she didn’t even say anything; she ran away and hid. I had no idea my friend was staying there. I would like to tell her that she doesn’t need to keep it a secret or be embarrassed that she is staying there. I would tell my friend that anyone can have bad luck and end up in a situation where they need help. But, it must be sad place for my friend, or anyone, to be. It made me sad to know that she is there and feels that way. I wanted to do something to help my friend and other kids. I am selling these items to raise money to donate to the homeless shelter."

Please support this beautiful little girl helping a friend. She is selling at the Holiday Makers Market on December 13th:

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