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A group of volunteers from Lubbock, TX transform Casa Familia!

An amazing group of youth and adults from Lubbock, TX took Casa Familia by storm and made some much needed improvements, additons and beautifications! There is now a very substantail back patio with a well designed portal covering - designed and built by two of the older teen boys. One of the teen girls spearheaded laying a new wood floor in the upstairs dorm rooms. This very dedicated gal was supposed to leave the project early. Her family came to pick her up for a wedding they were all to attend back in TX. She was very sad and emotional about leaving the project. Before they even got out of town her family was so impacted by her saddness that they returned to Casa Familia and decided to stay and all finish the project together. If that is not a sign of real and big hearted service than what is? This group also updated some paint work and did incredible work that will have a very long, long affect on our program. We are so grateful.

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