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Joshua Ortiz

Rio Chama Prime Steakhouse

My name is Joshua Ortiz Executive chef at Rio Chama prime steak house. I was born and raised in Santa Fe New Mexico, I attended Santa Fe high school and graduated from the Santa Fe community college.

In the late 90’s early 2000’s I started washing dishes, then soon after that I started cooking and new that was going to be what I wanted to do as a career. Soon after, I came downtown and started working at La Casa Sena as an intern cook and then from there went to Santa café and evolved my career working with David Sellers and continued working under him and learning the art for about 8 years then after did some schooling at Escoffier fine tuning my career.

I also like to hunt and fish being from the mountains “there is nothing better than organic fresh caught food, and locally sourced” thank you my name is Joshua ortiz

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