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Art Program

Art Program

St. Elizabeth’s Art Night is being hosted in our dining room from 6:45pm- 7:45pm with art supplies provided by Vital Space. We hope that this time set aside will inspire creativity in our guests in a calm, warm, and a music-filled-space. From time to time, we will have a teacher show other guests different artistic techniques. All programs of St. Elizabeth are welcome to join and create.

We are also providing outreach resources for artists experiencing homelessness. Such as helping them apply for gallery spaces, exhibitions, publishing companies, and Siler Yard Housing. We are open to support in this area; if there are any galleries, theaters, venues, etc. that are interested in providing space for our clients. We hope to help visual artists, musicians, writers, etc.  Any type of donation would be greatly appreciated to help these artists gain experience; create income; show their work.

Please contact Mattie Thrasher at:
(505) 372-9833
(505) 982-6611


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