A former guest and current volunteer answers a call at the front desk.

The Emergency Men’s Shelter is a vital part of the St. Elizabeth Shelter Corp. Named in honor of Jack McCarthy whose generous donation enabled St. Elizabeth to buy the building the shelter provides single men a chance to undergo case management, have a hot meal for dinner, and enjoy the camaraderie built between guests and staff. The shelter has two dormitory style rooms which can accommodate a maximum of 28 individuals with ample space to move around. Aside from the dormitories, the Emergency Men’s Shelter has a television room for movies and games, a small library, a communal dining room, and two computer workstations.

Interns are responsible for the day-to-day operations of the Emergency Shelter. To learn more about our Internship opportunities click here.

During their stay, shelter guests work together with case management staff to directly address the problems that led to their becoming homeless, and to begin a process of regaining control of their lives. By providing referrals to appropriate services such as medical care, employment, housing, and many other human-service/governmental agencies; guests have a chance to structure their goals and maintain a realistic understanding on how to proceed with said goals. In return for the services provided to shelter guests, they are responsible for maintaining sobriety, good behavior, and a willingness to participate in daily chores around the shelter.

Furthermore, the Emergency Men’s Shelter is a central hub for the homeless community of Santa Fe, NM. As part of the overall desire to help and aid our homeless friends, the Emergency Men’s Shelter provides a large array of hygiene products from toothbrushes to conditioner that people may come in and make a grab-bag. Aside from providing hygiene products, the Emergency Men’s Shelter also has a clothing donation closet, underwear, socks, and hat bins that individuals, both male and female, are allowed to search through and find items to help them weather the season.


St. Elizabeth Shelter
804 Alarid Street
Santa Fe, NM 87505